Friday, December 02, 2005

Is this love? Hahahahaha!!!

Before the real post, found this in Neil Gaiman's blog and got excited, frustrated, excited and mind-boggled all at the same time.


All right. Found out I could join after all. Now I'm merely excited. But gods damn it. Why do the kiddies (age 16 years and younger, according to the guidelines) get the better prize? Sod it.

Now I just need the inspiration.


Okay. That thing in Neil's blog really shattered my equilibrium right there.

Let me take a deep breath (babe... If you need me, me and Neil will be hanging out with the Dream King... shutupTomoe).

Alright. If anybody was wondering, the words inside the parentheses, minus shutupTomoe of course, are a part of the lyrics to Tear in Your Hand by Tori Amos, and yes, it does refer to the Neil Gaiman.

Ugh. Now look at that. I can't get to the point at all.


Anyway, (forget about Neil for just two seconds, Tomoe!) I believe I said last entry that I would talk about the assessment tests that I was finally able to take after much heartache and gnashing of teeth.

So, I said that last Wednesday, I missed the bus, but fortunately there was another testing schedule later that evening, 8:00, and my father took me there, reciting a litany about my attitude towards time until I screamed for him to shut up. No, actually, I did something more evil than that. I asked him if the sermon could wait until I was done with my exam and by the time I was done he wasn't so angry anymore.

I really don't want to say this, maybe not until the results are in so I won't be totally humiliated if I turn out to be wrong about all my strutting, but, the tests were easy. Really. I was just mistaken about which test I should've taken. English as a Second Language (ESL) was right enough although it was also easy and I couldn't understand why I had Hit in the USA by Beat Crusaders (opening theme for Beck) playing in my head all through the exam. but with Math, I took Elementary Algebra and all the while while taking the test, I had to stifle the urge to punch my fist in the air. I should've taken Intermediate Algebra so this post would have me crying and wishing to be an English Major.

(Gosh, we're wordy today.)

So, that's it for the Assessment. They did tell us that some people might be asked to retake tests to really ascertain their level. I really want to take English as a Native Language (ENL) and Intermediate Algebra, but I'll probably miss the bus again.


I started downloading Beck manga because I'm crazy. And I wanna buy an electric guitar, gaddemmit!


I started refiddling with my Livejournal account, and... I was thinking of leaving Blogger for LJ. I can't help it. LJ's so much better than Blogger. For one thing, there's the LJ cut, so you people who aren't interested in Neil Gaiman can just skip over that part and read about me being conceited about the assessment exams. And the fact that Blogger doesn't support animated gif's. I need my animation. Really.

But these are just plans, actually. Although I would still link to this blog, coz I've come to love it as well. I was even thinking of putting the entries here up as an extant version of Terminally Deranged. Mostly, the plan is, when I finally get moon-wave/soleil up and running again, I'll put up a friends-only blog in LJ, so I can say the more private stuff there (e.g. stuff about kicking my former Physics teacher... private joke, people).

So, yeah. Better break off now before this turns into a novelette.


At 7:18 PM, Anonymous tzong said...

sali ka! sayang 'yung pagkakataon. karanasan mo rin 'yan bago ka magsimulang gumawa ng mga aklat mo. ^__^


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