Saturday, December 03, 2005

I pwn you all!

Well, my Friendster horoscope did say something about attempting to do the most ambitious thing on my list today.

And the most ambitious thing was to clean my room.

You are not allowed to show that look of disbelief in your face. WIPE IT OFF IMMEDIATELY!!!

Well, I'm proud to say that my room no longer resembles my room. I don't want to sleep in it coz I'll ruin the sheets. (I'm trying to post without using any smileys, so...)

The horoscope also said something about my boundless energy helping me through it. There are a lot of adjectives you may use to describe how my ATP gets me through the day; boundless isn't one of them. I almost gave up in mid-hanging of coats. Add to that the fact that I was reading Beck while looking for Atlantis deep inside one of the piles of clothes.

Conclusion: I need to do the laundry.

What else? It has been a remarkably busy online day. Blame Livejournal and this.

And... random, random, random. Masafumi Gouto (Who's he? I'm not in the mood. Go find out.) actually looks cute when he's shaved and has cut a bit of his hair. I've been seeing him all the time with his growth of facial hair and er, head hair, and it's nice to see that bespectacled guys still hold an appeal for me. Um. *dies*


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