Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Longish post, for a change

So I was supposed to take the bus for that Math exam, right?

Guess what happened. Yeah. I know. I know! I was late again!!! I was walking towards the bus stop when the bus went by. Agh.

Yes. Omgwtf.

I waited until 2:10, but deeming the situation hopeless and not worth the $5 it would entail to get to Pierce only to find the door locked, I went home.

On my way home I chose a block I haven't seen yet, encountered an unfriendly dog who was fortunately behind a fence, and nothing else in particular.

Oh, it was so cute walking along the school near this house coz the kids were all out. I love kids when I don't have to take care of them.

So, today's accomplishments:
  • Exercise
  • Another slight sunburn.

It wasn't a total loss, actually. There are other schedules. But it doesn't mean that I shouldn't shape up...

Oh, and I got a new phone. ^_^ I like my old phone better, in terms of features, but I love flip phones. XD Plus the fact that the phone's new. I'll probably switch to my old phone when this one's not so new anymore.


At 9:11 PM, Anonymous aga said...

it had been a late but, at least you saw the bus. you were just on time...

merry christmas!

At 10:54 PM, Blogger KD said...

you are still lucky. if you were in manila, you might have missed your exam altogether.

commuting (sometimes) sucks.


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