Sunday, October 30, 2005

DSL. TRC. Abbreviations. DIB.

That last abbreviation actually stands for Damn, I'm Bored.

Got DSL two days ago. Been fixated with the PC ever since.

Wallowing in downloads. Tsubasa Chronicle. Of course, watching the first episode sent me on another squealing spree.

I'm listening to a never ending Orange Range song. No, I'm serious. It's about an hour long, and I've just hit the middle mark. I might have mistakenly downloaded the whole album in one unassuming mp3 file.

Death Note looks extremely promising. Only the site I'm downloading it from seems not to like me all that much. Keeps asking me for my password.

Damn, I'm bored. Oh, but what the heck is new? I'm always bored. I've been bored since late June. Two more months won't make a difference.

In other news: I am just so extremely sick of the stupids. But I shall not react. Forget it, I like being apathetic. And bitchy. It's what kept me sane all those four years.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Yesterday was the day I realized that when I left the Philippines, I not only left my transcript, birth certificate and high school report card, I also left something important.

No, my heart doesn't count. (If you're wondering, my heart is with a little puppy named Big Boy, who, being an amazingly cute and unaware puppy, didn't seem to notice that I have gone.)

I left the computer folder containing all of my English/American music. Nooooooooooo!

Okay, not as big a loss as if I left my Jpop/Jrock files, but still! My The Used and Rob Thomas. What utter losses!!!


All of j00, bow down to my cooking prowess!!! I have not burned anything yet! *evil laugh* And my Sweet & Sour Fish was superb!


I want to resurrect Terminally Deranged. Somebody please give me a layout.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The tired cook

Yes, I'm tired. Walked to the Supermarket, walked back with bags that didn't weigh anything as I started out, but weighed like tons of bricks by the time I stumbled up the steps of the house.

Cooked lunch after that. I mean, right after that. Rest is for the weak.

And it was actually worth it. I did not botch the Chicken Merango. It was great. So, for the record now, I can cook. Wow.

Now I'm dead tired. But happy. ^^

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Totally annoyed because Mirrormask doesn't seem to be playing anywhere near me now. And won't be playing anywhere near me from now on.

Five hours and twelve minutes to Santa Cruz. All for a movie?!

Yes, if I could drive!

I really am an idiot. Why didn't I think of trying hard to watch the movie before? When it was at least playing in LA?

Aaaah, dumb.

Grrrrrr! Somebody get me a car! And teach me how to drive!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Get me a life, please

Well, today was just another reminder that I have absolutely no life.

I watched football while drowning in junk food. And I don't even understand football.

Then earlier I went to this party and met some relatives. The family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now I have a third cousin, and I have an uncle who's two years older than me.

It was, what do you call it, boring. Yeah. I had no one to talk to. And it's true, I am a little stand-offish, and I'm really really quiet when I don't know people, and that was the case tonight. Well, at least my voice was loud enough when I did speak.

It irritates me that when I was the Philippines I was waiting to get a life and now that I'm in the US, I'm still waiting.

I guess the highlight of the day would be the moon.

It wasn't full yet, but tomorrow it will be, and it's beautiful the way it is now.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Welcome me back... or something

So this is me blogging again.

Unfortunately, though I terribly want to resurrect, I can't, because I don't have my Photoshop, and it's a large part of my manual blogging.

... I was just feeling a wee bit homesick, that's why I restarted blogging again.

And, yeah, the layout. I'll fix the layout once I fix my browser. What's wrong with my browser? Oh, not much, it just won't show any CCS or even backgrounds so I'm stuck with black and whites most of the time. And I don't know how to fix it either.

So, yeah. I'm in the US now, and it's great, it's big, the opportunities are exciting here, but it's also lonely. But maybe it's just me. I haven't met anyone my age yet.